Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Card Holder

I actually completed a project. This HUGE. My house is the land of unfinished projects. Heck, my house is an unfinished project! Anyway, I saw this cute card holder in Family Fun magazine. I liked the concept, but thought it would look better with ribbon. LOTS of ribbon. And they used alligator clips to hold the cards. I am going to use paper clips. Check it out...

First...start with a tomato cage. If you want to do this project, you are going to have to search for these. I ended up getting one at a small mom and pop Ace Hardware. Lowe's didn't have any out and they weren't going to get one from the back for me. Ace let me go back in their storage area to pick it out. You can find them in green, but mine was not, so I spray painted it....
(Note all the board games and Mr. Potato Heads? Those are for the preschool kids. I was able to get some great games for them for CHEAP!)
Next you will need LOTS of ribbon. Hobby Lobby has their ribbon on sale all the time. I probably had enough ribbon in my house to make 50 of these, but I have no idea where half of it is. I decided to go with a red/white/green/black theme for my tree. I just cut a ton of the small pieces.And then, just start tying and a tying and tying and tying...get the picture? It's a lot of tying, but I think it's cute.

A couple of the trees like this that I have seen on line have made a cone out of paper for the top. I didn't want to mess with that. Just took a large piece of black grosgrain ribbon and tied a knot. It brought the 3 pieces at the top together. Then I just tied a bow. Not the greatest looking, but it works. Then I took our Christmas card from this year and sat it in the "nest" at the top. I just taped the card at the back to make it stay. I think it looks cute. As cards come in, I will punch a hold in them and hang them from paper clips on the tree.

What do you think?

ARG! I need to go. I've got to be at a party in less an a hour and a half and I haven't showered or packed one single thing!!!!

Blog ya later!


Margie said...

Very cute! I would have to go buy the ribbon because I don't have holiday ribbon on hand. Looks super easy.

Melissa said...

That is precious! I am going to try that myself!!! I may do it out of one of the wire wreaths. I have 9 month recently mobile twins at home, so the less amount of stuff on the floor, the better! I love it! Thanks for the idea. I saw you on Lianna's blog...did you ever make the ornament ball?

Ashley said...

So cute!! I love it!!