Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, about a year ago I stopped letting K cash in her CEC tickets for tiny pieces of junk. I take that back...I didn't let her cash them all in on tiny pieces of junk. I would give her like 40 tickets and have her get stickers and a sucker. She was happy with that. She never knew the different. But I've been saving all the other ones. Over a year's worth. And there was about a 3 or 4 month period where we did not go to CEC because K went into a meltdown the mintue we walked into the place. She's scared to death of Chuck E. We've been twice in the past two weeks. We have sort of a tradition with our neighbors. On the kids actually birthday, we head to CEC, eat, play games and eat cupcakes. We didn't do it for K's birthday this year because her birthday fell on a Saturday and I would need to be medicated to go into that place on a Saturday. Anyway...tonight before we left, I told Brian to grab all the slips and we would cash them all in if we had enough. At the end of the night, we had 5,731 points. They had two Disney princess Barbie dolls that she could pick from. She tried to talk me into this GIANT stuffed bear and I put my foot down on that FAST. Then she spied this Tinkerbell set. It was 6,000. I told her if she wanted that, she would have to wait until we got some more tickets. Then the girl pipes can upgrade for $3 and get that prize. So, I gave K the option...a Barbie princess or Tinkerbell. She picked Tink. Everyone was like..."wow! that's an awesome prize! That's a lot of tickets!" Yes, it was. She was so proud of herself and her prize. I told her we will start saving up again for another big prize. I didn't get a chance to take her picture with it when we got home. But I wanted to post a photo. This is one of the photos from our family photo shoot this month. I love this photo. I never thought about doing photos of our hands. I love the simplicity of it. My plan is to change it to black and white and have it enlarged. Over the past 4 months, K has had her photo taken a number of times. I am going to go broke buying all the photos I want! I've decided that this year, I am not doing a Christmas photo for her. She will see Santa, but that's it. And I am 99.9% sure that the photo of her and Santa will be of her screaming her head off.
Okay...list is still a mile long for tomorrow. Need to go to bed.
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