Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Must get going...

I've got to get motivated and get out of this house! I've got so much to do this week and today I really need to get going! Yesterday I was able to get H1N1 shots for myself and K. K because she is 4 and me because I work in a childcare facility. Since it is still so hard to get a vaccine anywhere, but the health department, I've been watching their website to see when they are offering them. I called their "H1N1 Information Line" on Sunday and they said that they were giving out 500 shots. My plans were to get up early and be there when they opened, but K slept until 9:45! We got to the health department about 11ish. We walked in, I filled out paperwork, they handed K a number, we walked into the area they were giving the shots, handed some guy the number, got shots and left. All in less than 10 minutes. Most of that time was spent talking to the nurse in code so K wouldn't realize what what about to happen. I planned it that way so she wouldn't be freaking out the entire time. When we pulled into the parking garage, she said, "oh, we are at the doctor? Ummm...how did she know that? Anyway, K screamed like she was being tortured for all of 3 minutes and then she said, "that was the worst thing ever!" and started crying again. I told Brian that when she has to go back for the booster, he is taking her.

I can not believe that it is already after 11am! I've got to get going. I am headed out for some girl time this evening with my friend Kennington. We are headed to Bare Essentials for some make-up retail therapy. I also need to get K some hairbows and some Christmas pjs. I bought her a pair, but I don't like the ones I bought. Then we are going to have dinner at Chuy's. Can I just tell you that I am in HEAVEN now that Chuy's has come to Nashville. It's AWESOME. Tex-Mex. YUM!
Since I hate posting without photos, I leave you with one of our MANY Disney photos. We happened to bump into these two while we were on our way to the Country Bear Jamboree. As soon as we got in line, we were informed that they were taking a break and would be back at 1:30pm. That happened to us quite a bit. We made the decision to stay close so that we would be first in line to see them. We went to the Jamboree and then stayed in the area their greeting site was in. We rode the Magic Carpets like 5 times and then decided to get in line when we saw that there were already people waiting. I think we were like 3rd or 4th in line. Jasmine and Aladdin were awesome. They were so cute and kept joking around with each other. This was the only time that we saw a princess with one of the "guys". Jasmine happens to be one of K's favorite princesses, so I thrilled that we just happened upon them. This was the only time we saw her other than in a parade. (Oh who am I kidding....ALL of the princesses are K's favorite.)
Okay, I am going to jump in the shower, gather all my library books and canned goods and head to the library. Thankfully, the library system is doing their Food for Fines again this year. I usually wait until the end of the year to pay my fines to see if they are going to do this. With coupons, I usually get canned goods for next to nothing, so I "pay" my fines for cheap and I also help out the Second Harvest Food Bank. It's a win-win situation for everyone!
Okay...I've GOT to get going. Blog ya later!

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