Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More on my father-in-law

Well, he is going better. My MIL said that he is resting a lot and taking it easy. He has really been good about the smoking. He has not smoked since his heart attack. I just hope that he can stick with it. Now, here's the bad news. He found out on Thursday that he has prostate cancer. They can not do any treatment until he has his second heart surgery and his heart is in better condition. After they determined his heart is better, they will start radiation. The doctor told my in laws that he feels like this will not be anything that they need to worry about. I'm sorry, but I just can't not worry about cancer.

So, my husband called me from work this morning to tell me that his phone wasn't working. I asked him if he forgot to charge it. Nope, he left it in his short last night....the shorts I WASHED before I went to bed. Dang it! We need new phones, but they are not both eligable for upgrade yet. One is now and the other isn't until August. The 3rd phone isn't until November. Luckily my mom doesn't need a new phone, so we will upgrade Brian's phone now, mine in August and if my mom needs a new one, we'll get her one in November. But, I think she is happy with the phone she has now. I don't like it because it's so freakin' small, but she likes it.

I'm off...washing sheets since Miss K announced at 8:30 this morning that she wet the bed. Then I am off to "wash that gray right out of my head". Lord, don't I wish it was that easy? Probably a heck of a lot cheaper too. But I would NEVER do home color. I have the worst luck with stuff like that. So, I would most certainly end up with green hair or something like that.

A Miss K funny for the day: "Mommy, isn't Dopey beautiful in her red dress?" For some reason, she thinks that Snow White's name is Dopey. She usually does call her by the right name, but all of a sudden she has started calling her Dopey.

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