Friday, June 27, 2008

It never fails and other random stuff.

So, we have a ton of stuff that we need to do this weekend. My parents are coming next weekend for a visit and then we leave later that week for Chicago. Lot's of "chores". Brian started tonight with some landscaping that we've been putting off. We had to get it done before Monday because our new neighbors are moving in and our hedges were way over on their property. Want to start out on a good foot with them. We still need to catch that mole that has torn up the side yard and my flower beds. Anyway...I was getting ready to head downstairs when Miss K came tearing in the house screaming because she fell down. I sat down on the stairs and got her calmed down and decided to go outside to help Brian. I stood up and the next thing you know, I am falling down the stairs. Walk much, Hollye? At first I was just a little stiff, but 2 hours later, I can't put any weight on my foot at all. It's my ankle that hurts so bad. I'm sure I sprang it. Brian told me that I couldn't use that as an excuse not to get anything done this weekend! Big meanie. Guess I'll be doing a lot of stuff that I can sit down and do. Like cleaning out from under all the sinks. Folding the mountains and mountains of laundry. Cleaning out Miss K's drawers and sorting the clothes...give away/sell/keep. The list goes on.

So, Thursday was day two of dance class. I started talking about dance class on Tuesday. The response I got every time was, "I don't wanna go to dance class." So, I told her Wednesday night I would take her to Chuck E. Cheese on Thursday if she was good. It gets time for dance class and she aint' havin' anything to do with getting anywhere near the studio. I reminded her that the only way she was going to get to go to CEC was if she was good and that meant going to dance class. I don't know how I managed it, but I got her into the dance room on her mat and left without her flipping out. I kept looking through the window to see how she was doing. The first 15 mintues she sat in the corner watching everyone. Guess she decided it was fun because the next time I looked, she was going the mat exercise they were doing. The best part came at the end. Each girl was dressed in a princess costume and they were dancing and twirling in a circle. It was the CUTEST thing. When class was over, she came running out and the first thing she said was, "Mommy, monkey wants to come back to dance class again." Yes, I let her take her monkey. And the instructor was fine with that. I asked her if she had fun and she said, "yest Mommy, lots of fun!" Next week they are going to start doing tap. No problem, the owner has tap shoes to loan. Except for my child. Her feet are fat and flat. Think Fred Flintstone. So, I went to a local dance store. $35 for a pair of tap shoes for a toddler. Geez. I know the owner said the ones she sells are $24, but she had no stock right now because they just moved. I finally went on line and found them...$24.95. Works for me. Hope they will be here in time for class next Thursday. They are too cute. Tan Mary Jane tap shoes. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she will like dance next week!

Well, since I've been typing this, my ankle has gotten worse. I can't put any weight on it at all. Guess I will be headed to the doctor tomorrow. I told Brian I need some crutches and he told me if I need crutches, I needed a doctor. Great. I'm going to crawl in bed and pray that my ankles is better in the morning.

Blog ya later.


Margie said...

Oh , Hollye. I have done that before and know how it can hurt. I hope it gets better and you don't need any crutches.

*Jilly* said...

How's the foot?
I hope it wasn't broke.

doris said...

hope your ankle's better. :D

Christy B said...

Hey Hollye, you can also get dance shoes at Payless or Pic-n-Pay. I know they have the ballet slipper and I think they also have tap shoes.

Sorry about your ankle, I know it hurts!