Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cleaning, cleaning, more cleaning, menus and Blockbuster.

Today has been a day of cleaning. I am trying to get all three of the bathrooms cleaned. I hate doing toilets, but I hate cleaning our shower more than anything. So, it doesn't get done very ofter, therefore it usually takes a lot of scrubbing. Right now I smell like every cleaning product that I have in the house. I needed a break, so I decided to blog.

Brian finally got the boarder down that was in Miss K's bathroom. Guess we will plan on painting tomorrow. Then I will get the monkey prints hung up and the wall words on the wall and mirror and we will be done. Well, done until I decide to change it again. Honestly, I am hoping that we will move before it is time to redo her bathroom again.

So, I have a question. I am really trying to get better about cooking dinner every night. We eat out too much and I need that to change. So, I made out a menu for the week. I had the hardest time coming up with 7 meals that aren't the same that we had last week. Once I tried to do a two week menu and that was a joke. Here is my menu for the week...

Saturday - steaks, potatoes & corn
Sunday - chicken pot pie
Monday - turkey tenderloin, homemade mac 'n cheese, green beans
Tuesday - salmon, rice, mixed veggies
Wednesday - Pasta Milano
Thursday - Pampered Chef party
Friday - Mexican casserole
Saturday -grilled chicken sandwiches, baked beans

I've got a couple of other things that I usually do also. I do chicken enchiladas, spaghetti, chicken spaghetti, and shrimp & pepper pasta. Lots of pastas. I need some new recipes. I checked out two Rachael Ray cookbooks and I'm sorry, but there was maybe one recipe from each one that I would actually make. And her 30 minute meals...nothing. So, if you have a recipe that you and your family love, please send it to me. Or, if you have a favorite recipe book, tell me which one. I am desperate for some new ideas! And remember...I've got an almost 3 year old, so nothing too off the wall.

Now...let's talk about Blockbuster. When we were living in Michigan during Brian's temp assignment, I went signed up for that Blockbuster Total Access. $9.99 a month for one movie at a time and you would return the movie to the store and get a free movie each time...unlimited! Well, for a number of months we weren't watching movies and it was just a waste of money so I cancelled it. Well, this past month I've rented a number of different movies for Miss K to watch. So, I thought I would reactivate my Total Access account. The same plan that I originally had for $9.99 is now $21.99! That is just totally nuts! I can get a plan for $11.99 that is one video at a time in the mail and you can return it instore twice a month for a free movie. That is just nuts! I should have never cancelled my account to begin with. Can't decide what I am going to do.

Well, I need to start my baked potatoes and get back to cleaning. Blog ya later!


Margie said... always works for me. I have also found a few things on Hope those help.

doris said...

hope you met all your cleaning goals! and dang! i need to come eat at your place! what a menu! :D

Chelle said...

I have an excellent salad with chicken recipe.

Get mesquite seasoning in a packet. Season your boneless chicken breasts as directed.

Cook in 350o oven for 1 hour.

Romaine or green leafy salad
dried cranberries
pine nuts
feta cheese
(any other vegies you like)

And most important Gerards Champagne dressing.

Dice up chicken while still warm and serve on top of salad.

Renee Camacho said...

I have a few recipes on my blog you might want to check out. Plus, Tammy (on my blog link) has a recipe blog that has some good ones on there...check it out!