Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just random stuff

**Just trying to get back in the groove after our emergency trip to Michigan. Brian's dad had a heart attack...well, a couple of heart attacks. They didn't think he was going to make it, but much to the amazement of everyone, including his doctors, he pulled through. It was a very stressful trip for us.

**I hate the weather. I hate that it is hot so early in the morning. I can not get my child to understand that we can't be outside all day long no matter how much she wants to be. And when I do take her out, she fights me on drinking water. We are meeting some friends at the Zoo tomorrow at 8 for member morning. I am hoping it won't be too hot and we can actually enjoy ourselves.

**Took my child to get a haircut this morning. It wasn't the usual screaming and crying that I am use to. But she did not want her hair "snip-snipped" as she calls it. You know, it really isn't even a haircut. All I get is her bangs trimmed. Brian would have a fit if I cut her hair. He is afraid that the curls will be gone if I cut it. And to be honest, I don't want to cut it. My mother cut my hair SHORT when I was little and I hated it. Little girls are suppose to have cute pigtails and bows.

**Going to see Sex & The City tomorrow night with one of my girlfriends. I can not wait. I really wanted to go out for Cosmos before the movie, but my friend is pregnant, so I don't think that would be fair to her.

**I want a new camera. There I said it. Brian told me not to even think about it, but it is all I can think about! I used a friend's 40D at a birthday party a couple of weekends ago and all I have to say is ...whoa. That camera ROCKS.

I've got other random stuff, but that will have to wait until I have more time. blog ya later!


*Jilly* said...

Sex and the City..ROCKS!
I want to see it again:)

TracieClaiborne said...

I'm glad Brian's dad is okay! Keep us posted about his progress.

Part of me would love to see that movie but I'm afraid it would be too nasty. Let me know about the nasty factor. LOL!

*Jilly* said...

It's pretty "Colorful" Tracie..I think you would spend the entire movie with your hands over your face:)

doris said...

hope brian's dad is still doing well. :D