Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Extra Vera Bradley bags and stupid people

I've got a handful of bags that I bought that I ended up not giving away as gifts or selling to people who were originally interested in them. I thought I would see if any of my friends are interested in them before I put them on ebay. I hate messing with ebay, but I need to get these bags outta my house! So, email me if you are interested and I will let you know what bags I have.

I hate using the word stupid, but in this case, I think it is called for. So, I was driving to get my hair done this evening. I was on I-24 at 5pm, so you can figure...the traffic is getting heavy. I get behind some guy on a motorcycle. The speed limit is 7o mph. He's going like 50mph. So, I get over so that I can pass him. HE WAS TEXTING ON HIS CELL PHONE! How freaking stupid do you have to be? Lord. I got over and kept him in my review and he was steadily texting and driving. I was just waiting for him to wipe out or cause a wreck. Then...I get to the salon. There is a little boy, I would say probably 4ish running around the color room getting into everything while his mom is getting highlights and all over color. I could tell the colorist was getting irritated. The kid took the client box down and threw all the cards all over the floor. The cards that have the client names and their color listed. Then the kid was getting into chemicals and opening cabinets. They blocked out 2 1/2 hours for her and she had been there for 2 hours by the time I left and she hadn't even gotten her hair cut yet. Why in the world would she bring her child? And before anyone says maybe she is a single mom or her husband doesn't help. She even said that her husband was home with the baby and the little boy wanted to come with her and she couldn't say no. Well honey, you should have! Trust me, no one thought he was cute after the first hour. By the second hour, I am sure people were taking bets how long it would be before he hurt himself. And for the record, he did end up hurting himself because he was spinning around in one of the chairs and fell FACE FIRST onto the concrete flooring. Now, I love my child and I am a stay at home mom because I enjoy being with my child. But, I draw the line at taking her certain places. I do not take her to the doctor's office with me unless I am just going in for a weight check and it takes like 20 minutes for the appointment. I do not take my child with me to the dentist. I do not take her to the salon. Honestly, I treat these little trips as "mini mommy vacations"! And, if I can't make my appointments for when my husband is home, I will find a babysitter. Usually a friend. I also have a nanny that I can use. There are time when you need to leave the kiddos at home. Be considerate to others. my soapbox.

I've got to get a cooling stand for my laptop tomorrow. Just another errand to add to my never ending list of stuff that never seems to get done. One of these days I will actually take sme photos and pst them on my blog. Still want that new camera.


{jennie} said...

Oh my on the texting donorcyclist. Yep, I call them donor cycles.....that's what I get for working in an ICU.
Shoot me a list of the VB handbags. I may want one. I saw a cute one at a garage sale.....but passed on it.
Hope your FIL is recovering well. And share a picture of your new hair!

Jennifer Fleming said...

i would like to see which you have?