Monday, January 14, 2008

Losing weight has made me sick...

So, Saturday I met up with my walking group. The plan was to walk 4 miles that day. We started out with the early group at 8:45am. We started out together, but 3 of us were moving a bit faster than the rest of the group. The "leader" told us to walk ahead if we wanted to. That was all she said. So, the three of us walked. And walked some more. And walked more. We lost the entire group. And there were no markers, so we didn't know how far we had walked....until we got to the end of the trail, 2.9 miles later! Oops. On our way back, one of the ladies from the group caught up to us and told us we missed the 2 mile marker. You think? There was no marker, just a "landmark". So, instead of 4 miles, I walked 5.8 miles. I struggled at one part that was all up hill. But, I was motivated by the two ladies walking with me. One of them kept telling me..."Come on Hollye, you can do it." over and over. Thank goodness for her. I felt great when it was done. Until I got home. Major headache that lasted all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I went to bed at like 7ish Sunday. I did not drink enough water. I know that is what happened. Need to make sure I MAKE myself drink more water.

As for my weight...I still have no idea how much I have lost. I know that I can now take my favorite pants off without unbuttoning them. I do not go back to the doctor until the 23rd, so I will find out then if all this has paid off. I'm stuggling with the food and counting calories right now. I think I am so worried that I am going to go over my 1400 calories that I am not eating enough. I really need to work on that.

And, because I was sick, I missed two days of my 365. I am so mad at myself. So, I am starting over....on Feb. 1st.

Went to a crop on Friday night. Got one project almost completed. I just need to print out a couple more photos and it will be done. It turned out really cute. I still have a lot to do to complete all my goals for this month. Need to get working on that!

blog ya later.

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Margie said...

Yeah you! Keep up the good work. I will be anxiously awaiting new pictures of Miss K.