Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Could it be any colder outside?

What is up with this weather? It's too cold to go outside and all Miss K wanted to do was "go outside" and "Mommy, we go bye-bye. Let's go shopping." Hmmm...maybe we shop too much. Anyway, tomorrow is suppose to be freakishly cold. I have a couple of errands I need to run, but I am going to wait until later in the afternoon when it has warmed up a little bit. I need to run to Gymboree and replace a pair of pants. A pair that I just bought right before Christmas. Brian and my dad took K to the playground and she got her seat and the cuff all dirty. I've tried everything and I can not get the dirt out. If you have any laundry tips, I would greatly appreciate you passing them on! I would love to save the pants instead of replacing them. Speaking of Gymboree, I misplaced my Gymbuck. That's gonna stink if I can't find it before redepmtion time!

So, this evening Miss K decided to pull out dress up box I made for her. It was a hoot. She has a hard time putting the clothes on herself, so I dressed her. It was so funny. Normally she will only wear pieces for a few minutes and then pull them off, but tonight I told her I wanted to take her picture and she said okay. It was so cute. She had on three different pieces to three different costumes. I love it. She was so it to it. Too bad it was almost 10pm and WAY past her bedtime. I promised her that tomorrow we would play dress up all day.

So, I wanted to start the 365 challenge. I decided to do it at like 11:30pm on the 1st, so my challenge will run January 2, 2008 to January 1, 2009. Oh my! Doesn't that sound strange? I thought about setting up a different blog for the challenge, but honestly, I don't want to maintain that.

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Chelle said...

I'm doing a project 100 instead of 365 days. It's pretty funny we both have similar pictures for our first day.