Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eyebrows, Wing Stop, and a funny pet peeve

Okay...let's talk about eyebrows first. I have been needing to get mine waxed for quite some time now. I just keep putting it off. My main problem is, I don't like to tweeze at all. HATE it. I'd rather go to the dentist then pluck my eyebrows. So, Wednesday after I dropped Miss K off at school and took care of my expired registration (which I got a ticket for), I headed to one of those chain places to get my brows done. I've been there before and have never had any complaints. Now, when I get mine done, I don't do them thin or narrow...whatever you want to call it. I usually just have them follow the natural arch of my brow and clean them up. And I told the girl that. She must not have listened. She waxed each brow twice. Next thing I know, she is trimming them with scissors! HELLO??? They don't look bad, they are just not what I am use to. And then I noticed when I got home, they aren't totally even. You wouldn't notice it unless you were staring at my face for 30 minutes like I did when I got home. It just feels odd to me and I keep touching them to see if they really are as short as I think they are!

Now onto Wing Stop... I sorta fell off the wagon today. I think I've been a little over cautious with my calorie intake and I am not eating enough. I told Brian this afternoon that I needed to eat something without obsessing about it. I ate a low cal breakfast and lunch so that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Originally we were going to go out for dinner, but Miss K took a 3 hour nap and it looks like she is getting a cold, so I didn't want to take her out. Brian offered to pick up dinner on the way home. So, Wing Stop sounded good. Do you know, I ate 4 wings, a couple of fries and I was full, but I was also starting to feel SICK. I'm fairly certain that I didn't go over my "alloted" calories for the day. I even had him get me a sweet tea. I could't even drink half of it. Maybe I'll never enjoy food again? Maybe the pills are what is making me sick when I eat? Who knows. I am having some of the side effects that they said I would have and I will be sucks.

And now...the funny pet peeve. I know this is going to sound silly. I don't even know how to explain it. Blinds. I have an issue with blinds in people's houses. I hate driving by people's houses and seeing their blinds messed up or broken. My neighbor across the street..her blinds drive me NUTS. They are always messed up and I want to go over there and fix them. I am in no way an obsessive compulsive person, so the fact that this bothers me is strange! If I opend the blinds in my house on one window, I have to open all of the blinds in the house. If I put Miss K down for a nap and close her blind in her room...I have to go back and close all the blinds again. I check my blinds a couple of time a day to make sure that Miss K or the dogs hasn't messed them up. I'm so strange. I even catch myself looking at people's blinds when I drive past houses. So, any of you laughing at me right now? I probably need to be medicated or something!


Margie said...

Pictures posted as promised. They are some that one of the HR assistants sent me. Hilarious! Check them out.

*Jilly* said...

OMG..I do the same thing with "blinds"! Seriously..

Chelle said...

HA! LOL! I don't like the blinds either, but if you came to my house you would see several that are messed up. Someday my boat will come in and we will get them fixed. (wink)