Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best purchase

Last Monday Miss K had a playdate with one of her little friends. This friend got a My First Dollhouse for Christmas. She played with that dollhouse almost the entire time we were there. (Although, she referred to it as a "doghouse"...there is a dog in the family as well.) She talked about that house on the drive home and asked me if we could go back to her friend's house tomorrow so that she could play with the "doghouse" again. I told her we would see. Then came the question, "Mommy, you get me a doghouse, please?" Now, Miss K has never come out and asked me for a toy before. Yes, she will throw a fit over a toy she sees in Target, but she has never asked me for a toy without being in the store. I told her that we would talk to Daddy about it and we would see. In my head I knew that we really didn't need another toy, but in my heart, I knew she really wanted that house and she did say please. I mentioned it to Brian that night and he didn't even think about it...he said no. Now, in Brian's defense, our house is totally overrun with toys right now. And only 1/3 of the toys she has are actually in the house. We have a garage full of toys that never made it back into the house when we moved back. Anyway...back to the house. All evening she talked about the house. I finally told her she needed to ask her daddy. He just gave me the "look". He finally said that if I could find room for it, she could have it. No problem! There are no toys in her room, so the "doghouse" can go in her room. So, I went to Target the next day in search of the much wanted doghouse. Nothing. So, Thursday night my inlaws came into town. On Friday afternoon we headed over to Franklin to have lunch and do a little shopping. Off we headed to Toys R Us. I was on a mission. I needed to get that house for Miss K. She asked me every single day if I would get her a doghouse. I honestly thought she would eventually forget about it. Nope.
So, we get to TRU. I located the much desired toy. There was a small problem, but after searching, I located the correct house. And of course it would be too easy to include everything you need with the house, so I had to purchase 4 accessory packs as well. (There are 5, but they were out of it, so I had to order that one on line.) So, now we have a family. The family consist of a daddy, a mommy, a big sister, a baby sister, a grandma and a dog. (I have no idea why FP decided to leave the grandpa out.)

Miss K has been playing with her house non-stop since we got it home. She had both of her grandparents playing with her and the house pretty much all weekend. Right now as I type this, the family must be on a family outing because they are in the Little People Learning Zoo. The entire family is in the tree house...that does include the dog. Seriously....best toy purchase I've made in a long time. And the doghouse? It's sitting in the middle of my family room.


Margie said...

Oh Miss Hollye you are so funny! We have had a toy situation like that with a princess doll Ainsley saw another little girl with. Needless to say I found the doll at Wal-mart on clearance for $7. You can't get much better than that. It is added to the pile for Ainsley's birthday in a few weeks.

*Jilly* said...

What a cute toy! I can see why she has so much fun with it:)

Amanda said...

Grant has a Weeble Tree House that he loves to play with! That doll house is such a cute toy to play with~help with the imagination!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! I know it is coming up soon :)