Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope that your new year has started off right. New Year's Eve in our house was very low key this year. The three of us have been sick since before Christmas, so we decided to just hang out at home. We ordered pizza and played Wii. (We got the game system from Brian's parents for Christmas...total surprise!) Miss K thought she was bowling whenever it was Brian's turn, so she was dancing around in front of the TV. It was a site. New Year's Eve is also the first night that Miss K slept in a big girl bed. Yep. My baby is not a baby anymore. (This makes me very sad.) Brian converted her bed early in the afternoon, so she took a nap in it. It didn't go too bad. She got out of the bed four different times, but the minute I opened the door, she would jump back in her bed. Except the last time...she was in her closet looking out the window. But when it came time for her to go to bed last night, she went straight to bed and never got out once. She loves her big girl bed.

So...a new year. It's like a do over. Lord knows I need a do over. I make resolutions and never keep them. I start projects that I never complete. So, I am going to try things a little different this year. Instead of a resolution for the year, I am going to make a resolution for each month. This is something that I can do and not be overwhelmed.

So, I am still thinking about what I want to acheive this month. I have some scrapbooking goals already, so I will share those. I'll share my other goals later this week.

So, my scrappy goals for the month of January are:

*complete Jennie's cleaning challenge (that means...clean my scrapbook room)

*complete 2 gifts albums - 14 pages in each album (this is almost done! I just need to print some stuff out and that's it!)

*complete 5 layouts (2 of these are done, I just need to date them!)

*complete 10 cards

*complete 5 digital layouts

*backup all of the 2007 photos

*print beach vacation photos and put in albums for family (I've narrowed down the photos that I want to print, now I need to upload them and order them.)


Renee Graham said...

Wow, great idea. Monthly goals. I like that. Sounds like you are well on track.

J gets out of his big boy bed EVERY single night. I put him in it when he's asleep...I know, I know. He WAS going in it awake and then D's schedule changed and it got crazy trying to get them both to stay alone at once.

But, he's my baby and my last baby and I can break rules if I wanna!

whoa, that's weird, my word verification is hisbd..as in "his bed" I'm a nut

Margie said...

Hey Miss Hollye! I like your monthly goals idea. I may have to do something like that except starting in February. Say some prayers for us as Aidan has his surgery tomorrow (1/3).