Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi there! I hope that your Valentine's Day is full of love and chocolate! We are having a PJ day here in Michigan. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday, so we are staying in for the day. I've got plenty to work on, so that's a good thing.

So, yesterday K and I went to the mall. This place is just like Opry Mills. But..they have a Gymboree Outlet. YES! I got Kennedy 5 outfits for $70. These are for next Fall. They are putting their spring stuff on sale Thursday. They also have what I think is the biggest ever Children's Place. It is..SERIOUSLY 10 times bigger than the one at Cool Springs. They have all the new stuff and then they have a ton of stuff from last seaons for 99 cents! Everything that was on clearance was an additional 50% off. We played in the play area and she was so funny. She hadn't seen any "kids" since she was in Nashville. She played so hard. I have GOT to find some friends for her.

On the way home I started thinking...I've not seen a Chick-f-la since I got here. Well...there is a reason for that! The only one in this area is at the college and that is it! The next one is like 150 miles away. I AM GOING TO DIE! How am I going to scrapbook without my sweet tea? Oh well!

So, today I am 35 years old. That sounds so old. We are going to try and go out for an early dinner tonight at some place Chili's. Let me tell you...having a birthday on Valentine's Day is not fun. You can never go out to dinner without it being a major hassle. I think we are going to dinner at like 5. Okay...I must go. K is emptying out all the drawers in the bathroom and bringing it all to me in the living room. She is so helpful!

So, check out these vidoes I took of K yesterday. She is a HOOT.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007


{change in plans} said...

Check if you have a McAlister's Deli near you. They have darn good sweet tea. Not sure if it's as good as C-F-A, but it may do for the time being.
Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

Kelli said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!

annkelli said...

Happy Valentines Day AND Happy Birthday.
Just think Superstar shares her birthday with Jesus and you share yours with Cupid!
Glad you found some good shopping.
I could hear the excitement in your post!
6" of snow actually sounds like fun
and a good excuse to scrap!

{J-La} aka: Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

Love the little videos..Miss K is sooo precious! Happy Birthday & Happy Valentines Day!

TracieClaiborne said...

6 inches of snow???? Wow! I can't imagine!

I am so jealous of you and that Gymboree outlet. I'd be broke if I had one near me 'cause I'd go every week.

I hope you had a good birthday! KFC has good sweet tea. Do you have one of those? Or maybe I'm thinking of Mrs. Winners.

Christy B said...

Sounds like you've settled in ..... I'm sure getting use to all that snow will take a while!

My b-day was the 13th, it does stink. I either get b-day or Valentines presents, not both. So basically DH and I don't really celebrate V-Day. I guess you can relate huh?


Renee Graham said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Grr...I skipped the computer yesterday due to Valentine's Day and missed sending you some love.. Saw several blogs dedicated to you, so I'm sure you are fine!
Michigan has GREAT outlets. Not just stores, but DISCOUNT awesome price stores. I miss it.
Cold here, no snow, but no school either.

Amanda said...

So cute! Love the picture card.
Happy Birthday!

Jan[n] said...

Happy happy birthday.

You are so missed. Glad that you are finding a few "favorites" around you -- even if they aren't totally close! I am sure you will develop some new favs as you discover them -- but having just gone through the moving to a new state transition myself -- I know it is hard to get excited about ALL the new stuff you have to fine...where is the closest/best dry cleaner...where do I go to find x,y,or z. It is just a bit overwhelming. Hang in there andknow that we are praying for you.