Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sick, sick, sick....

That's what is going on at my house. How about yours? I THOUGHT Miss K was getting better, but she has gotten WORSE. Today she refused to nap. I think all in all, she slept an hour today, but not all at once. Oh, she got up at 6am. She has hardly eaten anything, so that makes me nervous. If she isn't better tomorrow, we will give Dr. Hottie's office a call and see what they have to say. The diaper rash is FINALLY gone, but I am not sure it is gone for good. When Brian was getting her ready for bed tonight, I noticed it looked a little "rashy" again. ARG! What in the world is going on? And, we see the specialist this week. I really hope it turns out to be nothing. I'll update you guys at the end of the week.

This latest picture I took of Miss K with phone, so the quality isn't that great. We were at Target this week looking for me a bathing suit to wear for Miss K's swim class. I spotted these bunny ears in the Dollar Spot and put them on her. She didn't even notice they were there. Well, I took her into the dressing room with me and she sees herself in the mirror and just stares for a long time trying to figure out what in the world was going on. The ears came off like 2 seconds later. But every person in the store that saw her thought she was the CUTEST thing in the world! I have to agree! Also, please note the Little People in each hand. We do not leave the car without those. The giraffe goes EVERYWHERE we go. We went out to dinner tonight and she kept trying to put the 'nilla wafer in his mouth. It was a riot. She would chew on it...put it up to his mouth...chew on it some more...put it up to his mouth. It was too funny. Very smart little girl!

Off to clean out the fridge. Tomorrow is trash day!

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