Monday, March 20, 2006

One of THOSE moments.

If you read Jenni Bowlin's blog, you know that her hubby dropped her beloved camera in a creek. I posted jokingly that sounded like something that would happen to my hubby and maybe I should send him out to take a picture down my the creek. Big joke because I LOVE my Sony. I think what happened next is payback for me even THINKING that!

So, after I finally got a call from Metro telling me that they had a "rash" of car break ins last night and they were too busy to come out and do a report, I jumped in the shower. In the middle of my shower it came to me....I LEFT MY DIGITAL CAMERA ON THE BACKSEAT OF MY TRUCK!! My heart dropped. We bought that camera when we were both working and we couldn't afford to replace it now! At this point I am bawling. I throw on a robe and wrap my hair in a towel and fly downstair and out to the truck. There sitting on the back passenger seat is my beloved camera. Right out in the open. I cried like a baby when I saw it. My little theives must have gotten scared off by something and didn't notice it sitting on the seat all my it's lonesome. No case or anything. It is now safely in it's case waiting for our Playdate tomorrow.

I did get to take Miss K to see Dr. Hottie today. She isn't as sick as I thought she was. I told him I was just grateful she hadn't gotten an ear infection. He laughed and said I would have been in tomorrow anyway because she DOES have an ear infection! CRACKERS! (that's my new "swear" word..Thanks Jennifer!) So, he gives us a different medication to try since she has been on the Amoxicillan recently. This time she got Omnicef. That "wonder" drug cost me $71.77!!! The Amoxicillan costs me $9.73! CRACKERS!!! She is going to be a Million Dollar Baby before the end of the year gets here! Oh well! We are off to see her endocronoligst at Vandy on Thursday. I am really dreading this because I know they are going to have to draw blood and I can't stand to hear my baby cry!!!

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Kelli said... got to see dr. hottie. I'm happy to say that after last month's illness I will be happy to wait a couple of months to see him. That way our reunion will be that much sweeter:) HA HA.
Does Ms. K have a boyfriend?