Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Letter from Miss K

Believe it or not, I am 8 months old now. And my how I have grown. I went to the doctor on Thursday and I weight a whooping 24 pounds! I am 27 1/2 inches long. My hair is really starting to grow now, but for some reason, people are still always asking Mommy if I am a boy or they call me "fellow". That is even if I am wearing pink clothes! Guess Mommy is going to have to go back to putting a headband back on me. I just don't like to keep it on too long. I still only have 2 teeth and I like to show them off a lot now. I learned to clap this past week and like to do it, but will usually only do it when I see someone else clapping.

Exciting news...Mommy and I are signed up to taking swimming lesssons. I start on the 10th of April. I am really excited. I love getting a bath, so I think that the swimming will be lots of fun too. I am trying to crawl, but I am not there yet. I can get up on all fours and rock back and forth. I can scoot backwards, but not forward yet. I like to roll though! I roll all over the house. Mommy and Daddy don't let me take naps in their bed anymore because they are afraid that I am going to roll right off the bed! I have discovered something neat in my house. We have these little things that run all over the house. Mommy and Daddy call them cats. I like to growl at them. I really would like to play with them, but they don't seem to like me very much. Maxie, our doggie and I have started playing a new game. I will feed her my 'nilla wafer and she will lick my hands clean. It's a fun game, but Mommy doesn't think it's very funny. My favorite toy is my Little Peoples Barn. We went for a playdate to the twin's house and they had gotten one for their 1st birthday. I loved playing with it. So, as soon as Mommy and I got home, she pulled the one out that she had hidden from me in the closet. Daddy and I have lots of fun playing with it in the evenings.

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