Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cruddy mood and I hate it.

Have you ever just started your day of in a bad mood and it just got worse from there? Well, that was today for me and I am still in a bad mood, so if anyone is actually reading this, please excuse me while I rant and rave. 1) Why in the world is everything so freaking expensive? I got up this morning and the first thing I did was check my bank balance. BAD way to start of my day. Where did all the money go? Well, I spent it. On what? I have no freaking idea!!!! That just put me in a bad mood from the get go. 2) I told Brian two weeks ago that we had something planned for every weekend for the month of April, so please don't make any plans. My MIL calls and says that it is, and I quote, "killing her" that she can't see Miss K. So, Brian asks me what weekend I want to go. Easter weekend or the weekend before? NEITHER! I told you we have plans the entire month!! Plus, we don't have the extra money to spend on gas to get to Michigan! (Please refer to rant #1.) But, I have to change my plans for Easter weekend and miss my beloved Bunco so that we can trek on up to Michigan. 3) Why must my child scream and holler at me for no reason at all and then will not settle down no matter what I do? Trying to get ready to go to the Zoo....she wakes up from her nap and BOOM...she freaks. HUGE tears falling down her face and blood curling screams and there is nothing I can do to calm her down. So, I try to get her undressed to make sure nothing is wrong there. I take her diaper off and she pees all over my nice clean sheets. Gonna be late for the Zoo! 4) Maybe I am overreacting on this one.... So, I meet some people at the Zoo. We stroll around have a nice walk. One mommy leaves to take her kiddos home for a nap. The rest of us walk some more. Now...during this time, I was not with the group the entire time, so there was plenty of time for them to make plans without me knowing.... So, we are getting ready to leave and one mommy turns to the other and says, "Are you hungry?" Sure. You want to go get something to eat? Sure. Never once did they ever invite me. HELLO? I am standing right here! You know, I was not raised that way at all. I felt that was just downright rude. If you weren't going to include me, couldn't you had done it while I wasn't standing right there in front of you?

Okay...this post is going nowhere good. I need to take a break and veg out for a bit before I blow a gasket or something.


scrapsinabox said...

Hello, Hollye-
Boy, you are having a bad day, girlfriend! Hang in'll get better. As for the rude folks, you don't need 'em anyway. Find some other friends. :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like a horrible day. Unfortunately I have been able to relate!
I cannot believe that the people at the zoo would have done that in front of you about eating! How rude. I have been wanting to take Grayson to the zoo and we have never been.
And man that stinks about your MIL's house. Wish she didn't live so far away...or then again maybe it is best that she does!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh HOllye - I see you posted this last Wed. and I was having an equally bad week. Something must have been in the air!!!

I am so sorry about those witchy women at the Zoo! That was incredibly rude. Man! I would love to go to the zoo with you sometime!

Hope you're doing better now.