Monday, January 16, 2006

My Mom got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am WAY excited about this. When she moved here, the agreement was to stay with us for two months. She had to find a job and then get out on her own. She had an interview the day after we got back from Texas, but nothing came from that. On a whim on day while we were in Target, I told her to go put her application in. They interviewed her the same day. They called her back in for a second interview last Tuesday. She interviewed with two different people. They told her they would let her know on Friday. She never heard from them. It was a long weekend and she was really depressed about it. She called the HR guy at 8:59 this morning to find out if they made a decision. They told her to come in at 11 to sign all the paperwork. She was jumping for joy when she hung up. She is so excited. It's a full time job working 8-5, Monday - Friday. She will be doing the displays at the store. And Target is one place I shop at about three times a week! Yeah for my mom!


Scrap It! said...

Congratulations to your mom!
Target - LOVE that place!
See you tomorrow night (with the coveted cubes)!

TracieClaiborne said...

I could totally get into that job! That rocks for you and your Mom. Woo-hoo!!!!