Thursday, January 26, 2006

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

And she finally got them. Her Grandma Linda took pity on her poor shoeless granddaughter and took us all to the mall to buy Miss K some new shoes. Three pair of cute shoes from Stride Rite. And they make her look like such a big girl when she is wearing them! I was so giggly when she was wearing them for the first time. I ordered her some Robeez from a friend who can get them at cost for me, but I am not sure when they will be coming in. If I would have let her, my mother in law would have bought Miss K one pair of every shoes they had in the store. We had a fun time shopping. I don't think Miss K had a good time. I am thinking that she did not inherit my shopping gene. Brian will be thrilled to learn that. I think he is looking for someone to surgically remove mine!

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