Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming up with a plan...

So, my friend Chelle recently did some MAJOR cleaning and organizing at her house. I'm jealous. I want someone to come in and MAKE me get rid of stuff I don't need. I just can't seem to do it on my own! One of my biggest problems is completing a task. I will start cleaning one room and will get sidetracked doing something else and then something else and then something else. At the end of the day...none of it gets completely done!

So, tomorrow Miss K goes to school. (This is her last week until the school year starts's later for her MDO program.) The exterminator is coming at 10. I've got ants in my kitchen which tells me that I am not doing a very good job of cleaning in there. (We've also got some MAJOR spider thing going on outside that is FREAKING me out on a daily basis.) I need to sit down and work out some kind of plan to get my house under control. It's really out of hand. And 99% of it is my fault. I hate cleaning. I was born without a cleaning gene. And, let's face it, I'm lazy. I'd rather sit around and color or read with my child. I'd rather play with play-doh than clean the toilets. I'd rather watch Barbie Swan Lake for the 9,999 time than do laundry. Are you getting the picture?

So, tomorrow I am going to formula some sort of plan. It will probably make no sense at all, but I've got to come up with something. Maybe if I actually post it on my blog, it will give me incentive to actually do the work.'s 1:30am. I need to finish cleaning the bonus room, but I want to go to sleep. So, I will get up in the morning, clean the bonus room, take K to school and then come home and clean the kitchen before the bug man gets here.

Oh....did I mention that I have an entire book to read tomorrow before 7 for my book club? I love to read, so I don't know why I didn't read this one. I've read probably 15 other books this month, but I never picked up this one. And the book I just finished too me forever to read and I was very disappointed in it. And it was recommended to me by someone who write short stories and has them published on line. She is an awesome writer, so I honestly thought this would be something similar to her style. Not even close.

Oh, another thing. Wednesday I am having some dental work done. Because of the amount I am having done, I've elected to do the sedation thing. They have blocked out SEVEN hours for me. They will not have anyone else in the office but me. That makes me a tab bit nervous. Good thing they gave me a script for Valuim. And I totally plan on taking it! Hollye = Big Arse Chicken.

alright...I'm out of here. Blog ya later.


*Jilly* said...

Check out
click on Home Organization

Get your home organized and clean in 15 minutes a day with their daily reminders that are emailed daily.

Good luck at the dentist:)

Chelle said...

I went in every room and wrote donw everything I need to do on index cards. Then I divided them by daily, weekly, monthy, 2x month, annual, etc. I have numbers up to 31 for the month and I divided the monthly into those days. I actually put them at the beginning of a week so I would have all week to do those tasks. And I have one for each month. So far it is working.
I even have take medicine and computer time on my cards. One of the cards near the end of the month should say "check monthly and annual cards".

{jennie} said...

Have you checked out flylady? I think it's but not sure. I need to do something also....
Good luck and hugs for the dental work.

Just Jane's Journal said...

I tried the SHE Method- the index cards, that worked great for a while, I tried FLYLADY she works great (for a while) Now I'm on The Organizer lady
For more information about this group, please visit

she is working somewhat.... I think it's a battle no matter what. I was also born without *sigh* the "CLEAN GENE/JEAN" since I've been working on building a scrapbook room in my basement a.k.a. pit of despair- we've hauled out SEVEN 8ft x 6 ft trailer loads of TRASH! I have at LEAST 2 trailers full of "donate" stuff to go! (and that's the stuff I finally had thrown in the basement-that's not counting the stuff I have upstairs!)
Take heart!! Hang in there!

Renee said...

did you see the polka dotted unicorns? hoping you got those kind of drugs!