Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's been a busy couple of weeks....

I looked at my calendar the other day and I was shocked. I've had something going on almost every single day...even weekends for about the past 6 weeks!. No wonder I am sick and can't seem to get better! Last week was a crappy week for me health wise. I ended up at the Minute Clinic on Sunday for an infection. The NP said that she had seen a lot of these infections in the past week because of dehydration. Drink lots of water, take these pills and you will get better. I felt a cold of sorts coming on while I was there and I should have said something, but I didn't. That came back to bite me in the butt later in the week. So, last week I had some dental work done. It's been over a week and I am having all sorts of problems. Pain related to eating. Eating anything. Drinking anything hot or cold. Basically, I'm in pain. But because I've got this upper resp. thing I couldn't go in and have my dentist look at my mouth. So, she called me in some pain pills. They do NOTHING for me at all. I ended up at the Minute Clinic again on Friday for the upper resp thing. That was expensive. $80 for freaking nose spray. ARG. And I hate using nose spray. We took Miss K to the Williamson County Fair on Wednesday. She had the BEST time. I was surprised that she rose as many rides as she did. She even rode the kiddie roller coaster that they had. And she got so excited when they started the fireworks. We got home pretty late that night. I tossed her in the tub, gave her a bath and had her ready for bed in like 10 minutes. Brian went to lay her down and she kept saying, "But Daddy, I'm not tired! I don't want to go to sleep." A minute after she went down, I went in there to put something in her closet and she was passed out. She has talked about the fair every day since. I think we are going to take her to the Wilson County Fair next week. Thursday was also Miss K's last day of her summer dance class. I had her fitted dance clothes for the regular dance season. That was a cute experience. She was not happy about trying the leotard on and less excited about the fact that the dance teacher wanted to see her in the clothes. That was until she put the little ballet skirt on. Then she became a ballerina. She was twirling all over the studio. She was not happy that I made her take the outfit off. Crazy kid. Saturday went spent the morning with Josh and Amber Ulmer having Miss K's 3 year old photos taken. I can not wait to see how these turned out. I am totally a girly mom and I had her decked out like a girly girl. I made this adorable multi-colored tutu to match her Gymboree birthday girl shirt. Paired that with some hot pink bike shorts and some WAY cute pink Converse high tops. She looked so dang adorable. And I was so proud of her. She did so good. I actually did a couple of different outfits. Cute little white Strasburg dress with a multi-colored ribbon sash and bow to match. Josh and Amber were so good with her. It was a very laid back and most importantly, STRESS FREE!

Alright...I need to get off this computer. This week is shaping up to be yet another busy week. Next week the same as Miss K starts back to school and dance class.

Blog ya later!


Renee said...

hope you are feeling better
can't wait to see all the pics

*Jilly* said...

I love that photo! Too funny!

Me too..I can't wait to see her pictures:)