Sunday, March 01, 2009

Very sad here in our house....

Our cat, Tabby is missing. Brian and I have had Tabby for about 11 years. I actually got her when I was working in Mississippi. She is an indoor cat. She ocassionally goes in the backyard to eat grass, hunt bugs or just sun herself. She will usually come in on her own or if I don't let her in fast enough for her, she will slip through the fence and come around to the front porch and meow VERY loudly at the front door. I can hear her it's so loud. But I can't her when she is on the back deck. Anyway....she woke me up early Thursday morning meowing because her food bowl was empty. And I knew that she was going to gorge herself, go downstairs throw up on my floor and then go outside and eat grass. It happens anytime we accidently let her food bowl get totally empty. So, Thursday I was running out the door to get to school and Tabby ran out the front door. No big deal. I was only going to be gone until 1ish, she would be fine. I think that is the last time I've seen her. I just didn't realize it until Saturday afternoon on our way home from a birthday party. ARG! How bad of a pet parent am I? It's poured Thursday and Friday night and snowed last night. She's super friendly, so I am hoping that someone took pity on her and brought her in. I posted a message to my neighborhood's Facebook group. I also sent an email to the lady who chairs the social committee and asked her to send out an email to anyone that she has an email address for and attached a flier that I made up. I had 120 copies made, so we are going to put them in the mailboxes, hang a couple in the neighborhood and take one up to the vet's office. I'm just so sad. I hope nothing bad has happened to her. I worry that she is going to starve to death. I have no idea how I am going to explain it to Miss K if she doesn't come home. She already had a conversation with Brian this morning and she told him, "Daddy, I think Tabby might be lost in the bushes." Dang it.

I just realized...I can't find my iPod either.


Blog ya later.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh no.... bless your heart... I know I'd be a nervous wreck! We'll hope kitty returns soon!!!

Renee said... sorry Hollye. Here's hoping she's having a nice vacation at a neighbor's house and will be home soon!

TracieClaiborne said...

That is so sad! Keep us posted. I hope you find her.

Lianna Knight said...

Oh no!!! Please keep us posted on your dog is my BABY!! So I know how you feel.