Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fundraiser for K's school

This is a fundraiser for K's school. For every book that we sell, the school gets $5. Stepping Stones is a very small school and they are currently raising money to redo their playground.

I have to turn the orders in by Feb. 26th. The books will be delivered on the 4th of March.

You can see all the different books here:

Here is the information I will need for the book:
Your Name:
Boy or Girl
Book Title
First Name
Name called (if different)
Middle Name
Last nameHometown
Friends or Relative (1 to 3 names)
Dedication: (With love from, Happy Birthday... or whatever you decide)
This book is from:
Date of gift printed in book:
Additional Information need for specific books
My Birthday Wish: birthdate needed
Hockey Hero: Favorite Hockey Team
Ballerina Princess: Ballet teachers name (opt.)
No More Diapers: Name of potty-trained sibiling or friend
Name of adult helping with training
Tea Party: Name of adult helper
Sibiling Book: Baby's name and gender

Payment information: Cash, checks, Visa & Mastercard. Total for the books after tax is $16.33

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RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love these kinds of books. My Son got one that had him in it as a Superhero with Elmo! What boy wouldn't love that! What a sweet idea for a fundraiser!