Friday, March 27, 2009

And yet....another project

So, today I took Miss K to Sweet & Sassy to get her hair cut. While we were waiting for Ms. Honey to finish painting someone's nails, we looking around the little "store" area of the salon. I saw these super cute headbands with huge flowers on them. I didn't think they would be expensive, so I tried it on K and she thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Of was pink. Hot pink. Too stinkin' cute! $16.95! No way. All it was is ribbon, hot glued to a headband with a hot pink flower hot glued to it. And whoever made them, pulled the center of the flower out and and put a big shiny jewel in it's place. K threw a small fit when I told her I was NOT buying it for her. I know I can make it for a HECK of a lot less. So, I went to Michael's to get the stuff. Here is the breakdown of what I got...

*5 yds of hot pink ribbon - $2.50 (on sale)

*bunch of hot pink flowers - $1.99 (now...the original price on these was $9.99 and they were half off, but the lady pointed out that a couple of flowers were missing. I didn't care. I didn't need 8 flowers. And, the price tag must have fallen off when I had to yank it out of the holder.)

*bag of large shiny jewels - $2.99 (I am not sure if there were 10 or 15 in the bag.)

* headbands - $2.99 (I think there were 5 in package)

So, I spent $10.47, plus tax. Thing is...I can make probably 5 headbands with the supplies I bought. And I will still have a flower or two left and plenty of jewels. So, I am going to sit down tonight after K goes to sleep and make it. I hate using the hot glue gun when she is around. She gets too close to it and it scares me. ya later...WITH photos!

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Renee Camacho said...

I did the same thing - went and found white and red flowers at the Dollar Tree and then ribbon - bought the headbands, but need to go back and buy the thinner headbands simply because the one I bought from JCrew/Crewcuts was made using the thinner headband. It was a navy blue one that I went ahead and purchased simply because I didn't think I could find a navy flower.

Hey, perhaps we could trade a hot pink one for a white or red one? I've got stuff to make more...:)