Monday, January 05, 2009

Menu Planning Monday - Jan 5th

I've been planning my menu's out for quite some time. It saves me a lot of time at the market as well as a lot of money. If I go in there with a grocery list made from my menu, I usually stick to it. Unless I find an awesome deal on meat that I just can't pass up, then I spend a bit more. I remember one time this summer I went in to get a few things and came across some meat that had just been marked down. I bought everything. $75 and it lasted us forever. And one good thing about doing a menu, I can shop my freezer and pantry and see what's there. And since my pantry is so organized, this takes me all of like 5 minutes. And before we headed out of town to Houston, I spent some time cleaning out my freezer. Everything is organized and it's easy to see what I have on hand. This week we will be eat a lot of chicken because that's what's in the freezer and I want to use what I have on hand. Plus, with Brian being off, we need to cut out grocery bill as much as possible!

Monday: Tacos, rice and beans. (Miss K will not eat this, so she will have Mac n' Cheese)

Tuesday: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie, salad

Wednesday: Miss K has Awanas, so we will eat out. Brian will have leftovers.

Thursday: Ham (left over that I froze after Christmas), mac 'n cheese, green beans, salad, rolls

Friday: Three Bean Chicken Chili - this stuff is AWESOME. I could seriously eat this all the time. I made it while we were in Texas and everyone seemed to love it. If you want the recipe, let me know and I will post it!

Saturday: Cinnamon rolls (I have not attempted to do the homemade ones yet. It's can for us!)
sandwiches, chips (lunch)
Left over chili (dinner)

Sunday: Cereal (breakfast)
Sandwiches or if there is any chili left over, Brian and I will fight over it!
Chicken spaghetti, garlic bread

Now, I am off to make my grocery list. I'll probably go ahead and make my menu out for next week as well and go ahead and get two weeks worth of shopping done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find some good sales!

blog ya later!


hobbything said...
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Michelle W said...

I would love the recipe for the 3 bean chicken chili. I need to do the menu planning. I want to, just need to do it.

Amanda said...

I would love the recipe too! I absolutely love that you are posting your menus. It is such a help; I cook at home too. We go out to eat one night a week; but other than that are at home. It is helpful to see what others plan. I love to cook, and if I plan it out like you are saying, I can actually get it done after work :)
I am glad you checked my blog. Should be posting there more regularly!

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

Awesome idea!! I should plan my menus too!

Amanda said...

where is your new menu? i am getting ready to make mine...and i need a little motivation :)