Thursday, August 09, 2007

Grandparents Rock

I will be the first to dad and I disagree on how to raise a child. But, he loves his grandkids like crazy. I was really worried about how Miss K would react to them since she hadn't seen them since Christmas. I shouldn't have worried about it one single bit because she is head over hills in love with her Papa. She loves Nana too, but she LOVES her Papa. She and her little cousin Little L are crazy about him. The minute Little L thinks Miss K is going to get near HIS Papa, he runs over to Papa and jumps in his lap. It's too funny.

So, today I picked up my nephews, Big L and Little L from "school" so that I could spend some time with them. I told Big L I would take them to Bounce USA. You of those places that has all the jumpy things. Now, I was taking a chance here because we took Miss K to a place while we were on vacation in July and she screamed when you put her near one of those things. Well...not this time. My child was WILD. Running all over the place climbing and jumping. So, my parents show up and my dad jumps right in. I convince my step mom to join in as well. They had such a blast. Miss K can climb up the "stairs" to the slide all on her own. And much to my horror....she can even do the stairs of the one that the stairs are like a 90 degree angle. FREAKED ME OUT. are why Grandparents Rocks. They jumped and climb and slid along with the kiddos. It was GREAT. We had a great time at the beach. I hired a photographer to come out and do a photo shoot on the beach with my family. What a BLAST!
I'll update on my vacation when we are finally done. Miss K and I leave for Michigan Saturday early afternoon. Lots going on. We will be moving back to Nashville in a little over two weeks! YEAH! I am so excited.

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