Friday, November 03, 2006

How did your day start out?

Mine started at 6:42 am when I woke up with my husband next to me. Not good. Why do you ask? He is usually sitting at his desk by 6:15 am. So, off to work he goes and Miss K and I get up. She gets changed and I get a shower. Bedroom door stays shut and all is good. For some reason, I had to go into the bonus room before I got dressed. So, I turned on the TV and Miss K sat on the floor playing with her toys. I went to get dressed. I was in my room for less than TWO MINUTES. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say it involved Miss K, doggie poo, carpet, a wall, a trash can and a door. It is going to end with about 2 extra loads of laundry which is not good since I am about 3 days behind already and the carpets getting cleaned this afternoon. Spot cleaning is going to have to do until she does down for a nap. I have so much to do today...this just adds to it. I am so glad that Brian has a 4 day weekend.

I know...I am wasting time blogging. Off I go.

Anyone interested in owning a couple of cocker spaniels?


Amanda said...

No more dogs for me~but thanks for the offer.

Okay my day (doesn't top yours)... left house in my new GMC Yukon Denali XL (and yes have to type out the entire name) got 15 minutes down the road and realized that the dealership never sent me my new tags. So driving with expired tags that don't match the vehicle and I don't have my new insurance card. I decided to go back home and get my other car. I did then got stuck in wreck on a 2 lane street for 45 minutes.
Now it doesn't top the poop...but it does warrant telling you!

Chelle said...

I love cocker spaniels- but with my allergies and my husband's lack of enthusiam of animals I guess I couldn't take them.

So I hope your day got better.

Michelle Woods said...

Oh the poo. I am so sorry! I just had my carpets cleaned Friday. I love it when they are clean.

Jill Marie Gross-LaFaye said...

Oh! No! you poor thing..that is a big day of work..I wish we had the room and the time. It was nice seeing you the other day..I miss everyone.

TracieClaiborne said...

Yuck!! I hate dogs. Sorry but I do. Your story confirms it. LOL