Monday, November 27, 2006

Charlie Brown Christmas

Another favorite! I can't wait for Miss K to be a little bit older so that she will want to actually watch the Peanut movies with me.


Amanda said...

Grayson and I watched it last night...always one I watch for to come on TV!

Renee Graham said...

Page and I enjoyed it...right up until she puked on her bed! Not so much my favorite holiday memory anymore.

Hey-at the crop when I visited, you were working on a mini-album thing for Miss K's monthly pictures. Do you have that on pics? I'd love to scrap lift it for a holiday gift and have never done a mini album. Who am I kidding? I haven't scrapped in a year, but I might give this a shot for a gift for Jack's Godmother in MI. Email me with any info if you could when you have a minute.

doris said...

yes . . . g MUST see all the classics! :D