Monday, May 15, 2006

My favorite new picture

We went to member night at the Zoo with some friends on Saturday night. We had a great time. Miss K really likes the Zoo. It isn't the animals she's the PEOPLE. She is such a people watcher. So, we were getting ready to leave and she started getting fussy in her stroller, so Daddy popped her up in his shoulders and she thought that was the best thing in the world! I love the smiles that they both have on their faces. Makes my heart happy to see this picture.


{change in plans} said...

Great picture! It should be fun to scrap!
Let me know when you want to meet. I'm game when you are.

Jill Marie Gross-LaFaye said...

What a sweet baby! How old is she?
Did you get your purse cleaned out? I hope your phone isn't ruined.
I took Amber McDonald's class Monday night with ya..the pregnant one..we were talking about QuicKutz.