Thursday, May 25, 2006

Miss K is 10 months old today

It doesn't seem possible, but she is! I can not believe that she is almost a year old. I see little tiny babies everywhere these days and I can't remember her being that small. And when I ask them how big their baby is, Miss K was smaller than that when she was their age. She just packed it on fast. The past couple of days I've had a number of people comment on her weight. I had to bite my tounge Tuesday when some freaked marched up to me and informed me that my child was extremely overweight and I needed to do whatever necessary to make sure that she doesn't put anymore weight on. She probably thought I was stupid because I just stared at her with my mouth wide open. I was taken back because we weren't having a conversation when this happened, she just walked up to me and blurted this out. When I finally composed myself enough to respond, I had to stop myself from saying what I really wanted to say. I had some choice names for this person. I won't refer to her as a lady because she was NOT a lady. Why do people find it so necessary to point out that Miss K is a big baby? I take her to the doctor regularly and he has told me every single time not to worry about her weight. And I'm not. Here is one of the photos from her 9 month portrait shoot. (I had these done 2 days before she turned 10 months. I'm really behind right now! This year has blown by us. I guess I need to start planning her party. I can't decide between a Baby Einstein or a Little People theme. I am leaning towards B.E.

OH! Look what I got today!!! I saw Ann's post on the Scrap It! blog and called Ann and told her I was coming in to get it. I've only had a few minutes to glance through it, but so far...I LOVE IT! I am hoping to get a chance to really sit down and bond with this book sometime this weekend. And how goofy am I? I didn't even realize until a couple of days ago that this was Memorial Day weekend. I need to find my calendar and get my organized again. Especially with all the stuff we have going on right now and all the stuff coming up!


Jill Marie Gross-LaFaye said...

Miss K is the sweetest little thing. That is a precious picture of her. Oh! and about the book, I have been eye-balling that on the Scrap It! blog. I guess I will get one tomorrow during the crop if they aren't gone. See Ya!

TracieClaiborne said...

Hollye - What is wrong with people??? Sheesh!!! I truly don't think K is a big baby. Other than her arms being roly-poly, she seems normal to me! Caroline was chunky and no one ever said a word. I just can't get over the gall of people. You need to come up with a snappy comeback and have it ready. I'm so sorry you have to endure that. As sweet as you are to people and then they're hateful to you.

I love you lovey!

TracieClaiborne said...

PS - That picture is DIVINE!!!!