Monday, May 22, 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy!

My parents are here and we are having a blast. Here is some MAJOR news.... MISS K IS OVER HER SEPARATION ANXIETY!!!!!! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I kind of noticed on Thursday night when Brian handed her over to a friend of mine that Miss K had never really been around before and she didn't freak out. Same thing the next day, but this time it was our neighbor that she sees at least 4 times a week and will usually cry when she tries to hold her. The big test was seeing my parents. Since they live in Texas, they haven't seen us since Christmas. Miss K was only 5 months old then, so I was prepared for the tears and screaming to start as soon as they touched her. She has been one happy child the entire time that they have been here. My parents can't get enough of her. My stepmom is constantly taking her photo and my Dad wants to show her off to anyone he can. My dad is one of those people who never met a stranger. It's been great because she isn't screaming for me and only me to hold her.

So, we had to stop at Target after lunch at Panera yesterday. I have to keep an eye on my dad. If we aren't careful, we would end up with half the toy department in our living room. We are standing in the baby section looking at clothes and here comes my Dad pulling Miss K in a wagon. It was too funny and she thought it was great. He really wanted to get it for her, but I am fairly certain that there is some kind of weight capacity on the little plastic wagon, and I bet ya $10 she exceeds that limit! (25.5 pounds at her 9 month check up!) So, even though we didn't end up with the wagon, I couldn't resist taking some photos. They turned out AWFUL. I showed them to Brian and told him they would have been awesome photos if I had been using a dRebel!

Tomorrow Miss K and I are taking Pawpaw and Nana to story time at the library. Then Miss K is going to get her 9 month portrait taken. I'm bad and haven't had it done yet. I still have time though! She won't be 10 months until the 25th!

We are keeping busy with our visitors and then starting this weekend we are going to start working on small projects around the house. Just things that we have been meaning to do, but haven't gotten around to yet. If we are thinking about selling the house, these things need to be done now! I also didn't get a chance to participate in the community yard sale this past weekend. I just waited until the last minute to try and get stuff together and when I finally started, Miss K wanted my full attention. So, I am going to participate in the one we are having in September and will be getting rid of a LOT of stuff. I am also working on finding a place to host a scrapbook garage sale. Brian already told me that I need to get rid of half of my stuff before we move. The majority of it will have to go into storage unless we find a place in Michigan that has an office or we end up with a 3 bedroom.'s late! Night!

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Sherri said...

all this talk of moving only makes me SAD. blah
so happy to hear Miss K is over the separation anxiety, let the celebrating begin! lucky you!!!