Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miss K's got a new word

Up until now, she has pretty much just said Mama, Dada and da. We've figured out that da means dog because she says it anytime she sees a dog. This evening when I was giving her a bath, she was standing up banging on the side of the tub saying 'Pawpaw'. That's what we call my dad. She kept saying it over and over again and then laughing. My dad tried to get her to say pawpaw the entire time he was here. She loves him. He kept her laughing pretty much the entire time they were here.

We stayed pretty busy the entire time my parents were here. We took Miss K to get her 9 month portraits done. She is usually full of smiles, but yesterday she was keeping them all to herself. The CD of the photo shoot is out in the car, so I will have to post them tomorrow. Once her daddy showed up, she smiled a couple of times, but it was a chore to get those out of her. Yesterday we took my parents to storytime at the library. Miss K loves storytime. I think she likes Mary Mary and the Professor more then she likes me sometimes. And when the puppets come out! My parents were really impressed with the storytime and how much stuff they do and how much the interact with the kids...even the ones as small as Miss K. That is one thing we are really going to miss if/when we temporarily relocate. I'll have to make sure I find another storytime for her somewhere. If not...I'll pull the puppets out at home and cue up the music! Lord knows we have enough books in our house to start our own children's library. I think I will have problems with the juggling though!

Okay...I just got done watching American Idol. I really like Taylor, but I don't think he was the right person to win. I think Katharine sings better. Oh well. I think they will both do well. I think Carrie Underwood sounded AWESOME. She sounds even better than she did when she won last year.

Well...tomorrow is a new day. I know that we probably need some 'downtime' to recover from my parent's visit, but Miss K has a playdate at the Zoo with her friend Miss A.


annkelli said...

So good seeing you and sweet Miss K
Thanks for visiting!

TracieClaiborne said...

I want to go to storytime next time! I'll e-mail ya!