Friday, April 07, 2006

A whole new world...

Things are changing here at the home of Miss K. I've started giving her 'real' food. It started out with the puffs that Gerber has out. She went nuts over them. We did 'nilla wafers and ritz crackers. Then we went to Cheerios. Good gravy, she is a Cheerio hog! The minute I put her in her high chair, she reaches for the drink holder in the front of the tray because she knows that is where I usually put the Cheerios! If she could talk, I imagine she would say as Lola says, "they're my favorite and my best". (Can you tell I watch too much Disney? I've not seen a sopa opera in forever!) Then yesterday I gave her a slice of cheese and a piece of ham that I cut up into little pieces for her. It is so funny watching her trying to eat it. She doesn't want you to do it for her and she grabs a handful and aims it toward her face. Usually one or two pieces will end up near her mouth. She is real bad about feeding the dogs off the side of the high chair. She likes to do this because they lick her fingers. She's also had Ritz crackers which she likes to lick the tops of first and then eat them. This morning she had yogurt for the first time. She loved it. She was smacking her lips and I couldn't shovel it in fast enough for her. Brian hadn't gotten to see any of this yet because most of this is when he is at work, so I let him feed her some yogurt tonight. I think he might have eaten more of it than she did. He said it was really good. We are doing the Yo*baby brand. I also took this picture of her after her Gymboree class today. When I looked at it on the computer for the first time, I got tears in my eyes because she looks like a totally different baby than the little tiny baby that I brought home from the hospital almost 9 months ago. I've now got a little doll who doesn't let me cuddle her as much any more and wants to do everything for herself these days. She won't even let me feed her a bottle anymore. She wants to hold it herself. Next thing you know, she will be crawling and won't want me to hold her anymore. Okay...I think I am going to cry now.

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