Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blogger out!

Well, it is almost time to leave and I haven't done half of what I need to do. I've been running all over the place taking photos of things that inspire me. I wanted to get a photo of my camera, but that didn't happen. I need a second camera just to carry around in my purse. This one is a bit on the big side, but I LOVE it. I am VERY excited about my trip. I will probably be up all night trying to get stuff done, but oh well!

ARG! I have been working on my photos since 8. I checked the completion time when I was about half way done and it said 11am. When I finished about 5 minutes ago, the "ready time" was 3 pm! ARG! Good thing we are leaving later than we had originally planned!

Have a fab weekend!

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Amanda said...

Hope you have lots of fun!