Thursday, April 06, 2006

I dislike Wally World

I am a Target girl. Always have been. But Wally World has these baskets that kellidarrsuperstar had on on blog that I decided I NEEDED. So, I trek out to WW. Get the baskets. Then decide I love them so much and I go back to get more. Decide I STILL need more and go back today. Decided while I was there to pick up a few other things. WW is one of the only places in my area that I can get Yo*baby Yogurt. Do you know that every person I made eye contact with asked me how old Miss K was and when I told them, the first words out of their mouth was "she sure is a big baby!" I KNOW THAT MY CHILD IS BIG. I do not need every stranger in Wally World to remind me of that! What is it about me that makes people want to say stuff to me about how big she is? I've had complete strangers say the rudest things about how big she is. My child is chubby, but listen up people...SHE IS A BABY. She isn't a 6 year old who weighs 100 pounds. She is an 8 month old bundle of joy and the light of my life who just happens to weigh 24 pounds. Yes, it looks like someone put rubberbands on her arms. Yes, she is rolie polie. I look at her about 18 hours a day. Do you think I need you to remind me how big she is? I carry her everywhere. I've developed some arm muscles...don't piss me off!

Anyway...just a bad shopping experience today made me realize why I don't like WW much. Carry on.


Cricket said...

People can be so hurtful..I think your little doll is beautiful! I'm also not a big fan of Wally World myself, much rather shop at Target too. Ok, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details..basically, just take the questions and answer them on your blog etc..

Cricket :)

TracieClaiborne said...

Dang!!!! I was actually thinking before I read what they said that K looks like she's slimmed down! There are lots of chubby babies that don't grow up to be chubby. Sometimes babies are just chubby, it's nothing anyone can control.

Ignore the igmos.

Sonia said...

I used to get the opposite. MY middle daughter was always very petite. At 18 months old, she barely weighed 19 lbs. She was also quite bow legged. People can be so cruel.