Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I can't believe I am leaving my child...

First let me say that I am NOT worried about leaving her with my husband. He is her father and I always tell everyone that he takes better care of her than I do. He is an A++++ Daddy. I am worried about how I am going to handle it. But, I am hoping that all the fun I am planning on having will keep my mind off her miss her. I won't forget her, but I REALLY need this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend. I've not gotten ANYTHING done yet. Okay, I take that back. My awesome friend Tracie took my picture today for one of the projects we are doing. I hate having my photo taken. Reminds me of all the weight I need to lose.

Okay, I am going to bed. Miss K and I went to the Zoo today with a ton of other mommies and kiddos. I covered her head to toe in Baby Blanket sunblock. I even took sunblock for me. But did I put any on? NOPE. A red head in the sun. I've got a nice burn started. Not fun.


Amanda said...

Okay...if my picture will look as good as yours does...I want to go see Tracie too! I love it! Hope you have fun on your trip. I am assuming you are going to scrap and I am jealous, but it is way too close for the baby for me to have chanced going!

Cricket said...

Great pic of you Hollye! don't stress about leaving your little girl, it's a good thing for you to get away and have some time for yourself, makes you a better mom in the long run I believe! I remember the first time I left Mandi, I felt the same way too! Enjoy your weekend, you will have a wonderful time!

Cricket :)

annkelli said...

Fantastic picture!
Have a fun weekend!

{change in plans} said...

Your picture is fabulous! you are beautiful.
Enjoy your scrap weekend. I want a report back so I can vicariously scrap through you and my other scrap friends!

TracieClaiborne said...

Hey - that picture turned out great! I want a copy for my girlfriends album.