Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where have I been?

What can I say? I thought for sure that I would have some sort of scheduled worked out, but I don't. Can I just tell you....Thursday is going to be one super busy day for me. We have school from 9am - 1pm. I am actually going to try and get there about 8ish because I want to get the other cabinet in my room cleaned out. Tuesday I got one cleaned out and I am LOVING it. My second cabinet will not be so easy. Most of the craft paint in stored in this cabinet and it takes up a LOT of room. Also, there are cleaning supplies in this cabinet. needs to be cleaned out. I found two old potatoes in the cabinets on Tuesday. I asked the aid if she had any idea what they were for and she had no idea. So, after school I have to run to the mall and pick up some stuff I have for K on hold at Gymboree. Got to use those Gymbucks. Then I have a chiropractor appt. at 2:30. He said I missed my appt. on Tuesday, but I SWEAR it was for Wednesday. Then I have to RACE back to Nolensville to pick K up from my awesome friend Amanda's house and get her to dance by 4:30. Dance is over at 5:30. Hurry home and meet up with my mom so that she can babysit for me since I have bunco Thursday. Brian has golf league, so he won't be home until after 8. I already told my mom to bring dinner for her and K and I will just pay her for it. I am not even going to attempt to make dinner.

Tonight I managed to get some forms redone for school. I printed out some kite patterns that I need for tomorrow as well. I have some laundry going that I need for tomorrow. K had an accident at Hobby Lobby this afternoon. Honestly, I wouldn't call it an accident, I call it being a pain in the arse. She was standing in the bathroom at HL when it happened and she didn't even attempt to go potty. Still having issues with the public potties. We have a few places that she will go. Dentist office, Chicken Nick's, church, school.....I am sure that are a few others, but not many. I changed her clothes. She was lucky I had her school backpack in the car and there was a change of clothes in there. I ended up having to go to the mall and buy her something else because she managed to cover herself with chocolate. ARG! She had two accidents last Thursday. One at dance class which made me so mad because she threw a fit that I wouldn't go buy her new dance clothes so she would be dressed like all the other girls. Sorry Charlie. That's what happens when you refuse to use the potty. She told me, "Mommy, I danced so hard the peepee just came out!" They also had a sub that day, so that might have been part of it. I honestly think every single child in that class came out at one point to use the potty. Crazy. The second accident was at Sonic and I don't even want to talk about it. I will say that it ended with me having words with the manager. Still pisses me off to even think about it. I expressed my disappointment to K, but she doesn't seem to get it at all.

Okay...I need to go and pack all my stuff for tomorrow. If I don't get it done tonight, I will be running around tomorrow morning. I will end up being late and will forget something and that will totally screw my schedule all up tomorrow!

Wanted to leave you with a photo from Easter Sunday. My baby girl is getting so big. She would officially be a big girl if she would USE THE POTTY IN PUBLIC! (And I know a bunch of you don't blame her because public bathrooms are nasty, but come use them if you REALLY have to go! You don't just wet your pants!)

blog ya later.


DeAnna said...

Lordy, Lordy....I remember those days and I DO NOT miss them!!! Your daughter is a doll!!

TracieClaiborne said...

I still say put a potty in the floor board of your car and let her go there. I did that until Caroline was big and just dumped it in a field when I saw one. LOL!