Monday, April 20, 2009

Coming soon....

So, Miss K's school needs some funds to finish their playground. We've pretty much exhausted asking the parents for donations. So, I'm going to do a chip-in/giveaway thing. My friend Lianna has been raising funds for her IVF and she gave me the idea. I've got a couple of things that I am getting ready to list, but I am going to be hitting up some friends for donations.

K attends a VERY small parents day out program. She attends Tuesday/Thursday. There are 8 kids in her class and 5 kids in the class I teach and that is it. 13 kids. Monday/Wednesday I think there are 12 or 13 kids as well. So, about 26 kids total in the entire school. The tuition basically covers the teachers and supplies for each month. Trust me when I say...this is not a money making business for the church. Like the school, the church is also very small. We do not attend this church, but every week when I walk in, I see the sign that shows how many people attended that Sunday and what the offering was. Attendance runs anywhere from 54 to 96. I think once I actually saw 115 on there. I know that some people would be turned off by the size of the program, but that is what drew me to it in the first place. I love that I know the name of every child, teacher and parent in the entire school. I love that my child get individual attention. I feel safe having my child there. I love this program so much that when I found out that K was going to age out last year, I pushed for them to add another class. They were originally not going to do it because of space, but at the time, they were only doing Monday/Wednesday classes. I gave them the idea of adding Tuesday/Thursday classes. When they told me they were doing that, I was thrilled and warned them at the time that I would start pushing for a preschool program at the beginning of this year. Which I did. And they have added that for the fall.

So, the playground last year was very sad, but it worked. Play structures cost a lot of money. The church was lucky enough to have one donated. (A family donated it to their church and the church didn't need it, so they donated it to us.) But, the fence had to be replaced. That took up most of the money that we had raised. We did a spare change drive with our kids. They raised over $115 in change! It was great. K was so cute about it. She would go around and pick up change all over the house. One day she was riding home in Brian's car and saw he had coins in his car. She came in and got a baggie and ran back out to his car and picked up everything she could find. Lots of coins.

So, now we have the fence up. The play structure is going to start going up, but we need ground covering now. Play soft mulch for a playground is not cheap. I called the landscaper who takes care of our common areas in my neighborhood. He also lives here. I called him last week, but he hasn't bothered to call me back. I'll try him again this week. We've got to get this playground completed. The weather here is Middle Tennessee is finally starting to take a turn for the better and the kids NEED to be outside and they WANT to be outside.

We will be having a Parent's Night Out/Kid's Movie Night next month. I'm hoping we can raise some good money doing that. Brian and I will both be volunteering that night.

Check back in a day or two and I should have the first giveaway posted!

blog ya later!

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Lianna Knight said...

It's not much...but I would love to donate a set of my cards? Winners choice?