Friday, November 07, 2008

Sad mommy day...

my child cut her beautiful hair. I cried when I saw the pile of hair on the floor. She knew I was mad and what she had done was WRONG because she put herself in the corner and didn't even question it when I told her she better not even think about getting out of it. Luckily, her hair dresser, Miss Honey didn't have any appointments open until Tuesday. If I had taken her in right then, I probably would have had her cut it all off. I think we will be able to just blend it in. You can't really tell when I pull it back in a bow unless I point it out. I know it's there...that's the problem. It bugs me.

Sad that her hair is a mess, but mad at myself for leaving her for 2 minutes with her scissors. She has used scissors hundreds of times and never attempted to cut her hair. I think she might have thought about cutting the dog's hair because later, I heard her ask Maxie, "do you want a new hair do?" I told her not to even think about it. So, she just brushed Maxie's ears real good. She thinks it's funny that Maxie has long ears. Oh well. Everyone I've spoken to has told me that it's a right of passage. That every kid does it. She better not ever do it again. Arg.

Blog ya later.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh no....this is something that every child seems to do though. We have pictures of our youngest when she did it- chopped off the hair right in the front....its hilarious to look back at pictures now....hold onto that -you'll laugh about it soon!

Just Jane's Journal said...

Can we see a picture of the cut hair??

EVERYONE goes through it! I remember my middle child she was like 10 or so and "trimmed her bangs" and cut them off at the scalp by mistake! LOL She hates bangs now!! ROTF