Saturday, November 08, 2008

Barbie what?

Last year I bought Miss K a bunch of costumes to play dress up in after Halloween. Most of them I got for 75% off. So, I hit Target the other day with her and I was going through the costumes with her and she said something that cracked me up....

K: NO! I don't like that one.
Me: You don't like the wig?
K: I don't wanna be Barbie Montana.
K: I don't wanna be Barbie Montana.
Me: Who? You mean Hannah Montana?
K: YES! Barbie Montana!

(she has a hot pink wig a la Britney Spears that she like to wear. It was part of the Stephanie costume from Lazy Town. I always call her Britney when she wears it. that's the only reason I even considered the costume. That and the microphone.)

We don't watch Hannah Montana. I know that she sees the commercials for it occasionally, but that's it. I think because she sees that her hair is long, blonde and straight like most of the Barbies are, she assumes that she is another Barbie. Like we have an Ariel Barbie and and Cinderella Barbie. So, she must be Barbie Montana. And apparently Miss K does not like Barbie Montana.

blog ya later.


nathalie said...

that is sooooo funny!!!!! she will give hannah montana (which i'm not a fan of...) a run for her money!!!! too cute what kids will come up with! hugs!

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh so funny. I hope you keep that written down to scrap!

I am chuckling about her cutting her hair. My child never did that but nothing surprises me that she does. I have known a LOT of kids who cut their own hair and it's usually right in front!