Monday, November 03, 2008

Guest Room to Play Room

Our house has become overrun with Miss K's many toys. Most of it is my fault. I can never say no to her when she wants a toy and I want her to have all the fun things I didn't have as a kid. But, our space is limited. We have a spare bedroom, but honestly, we don't get visitors that often. Plus, we have a queen size aero bed that can be used when we do have company. So, we decided to do away with guest room and make it Miss K's play room. So far all we have done is take the bed apart in there. We needed the mattress for Miss K's big girl bed. Anyway...we keep saying that "this weekend" we are going to work on it, but we haven't. Stuff gets in the way or we just aren't motivated. I've been looking at ideas for what I want to do in there. I bought a PBK table from one of the mom's in my group. It's a bit beat up, but it works! I bought some unfinished chairs from Joann's. Right now I am going through paint samples to decide on wall color and the colors for the chairs. I have a hard time committing when it comes to paint. That is why things in my house are always half done. I've got it narrowed down to a couple of colors. I am leaning towards a green. I really like the apple green, but I think it is going to be a tad bit too dark for the room. I'm thinking I'll do with Seedling Green. It's almost a mint green color. It's nice and calming. There is a small section of the wall that is behind the door when it is open. I want to use chalk board paint on that section. I've not mentioned that to Brian yet. Not sure how he is going to react. Knowing him...he will just shake his head. As far as what to put on the walls, I need to start looking for some cute, inexpensive art work. I am going to go with another rub-on for the wall. I found this cute one on that I really like. Instead of the star in the middle, I want a crown and I want to change the font. I think it will look really cute in there. We are also going to clean the closet out and store her tilt bin in there that has her toys in it. On the toy shelves...where she can not reach, I will store paints and things that I don't want her to play with unless she is supervised. I've got a lot of ideas. I just need to do it! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so after I get home, Brian and I will start working in there. Brian is off tomorrow, so he will hang out with K while I'm gone in the morning.

Well...I am going to bed. I'm going to make my list of things I need to pick up at Target in the morning. (I MIGHT check out the Halloween clearance for some dress up stuff for K.) Then I am going to drink some Nyquil, crawl in bed and read myself to sleep.

Blog ya later!


doris said...

i have serious probs with saying no to toys too.

Renee said...

I love reading all your ideas.

Let's make a deal.
I'll come to your house and help you finish a project if you come to my house and tell me what type of products I should do.

I go to other people's homes and always feel like a kid decorated my house. A kid on a budget. with no taste. and while blindfolded.