Monday, March 17, 2008

We are almost diaper free!

Today has been a good day. I've not had to ask her once if she needs to go potty. She just goes! When she got up from her nap, I did tell her to go potty. She wore her big girl Little Mermaid panties while she napped and we had NO ACCIDENTS! I am having some issues with her wearing the pull ups though. It's like she doesn't get it. She thinks they are still diapers. So, we keep her in panties until we put her down for the evening. Then we put her in a diaper. She has not woken up with a dry diaper yet. Now, the challenge will be leaving the house in panties! She seems to have issues using the potty in public places. She actually threw herself down on the floor at the Zoo because she didn't want to sit on the potty. It was quite odd. I need to get one of those "travel potty inserts" that I can put on the big potty when we are out and about. I seem to remember one that folds up. I can keep it in Kennedy's bag when we are out. I think that might help.

Spring Break has not started out well for us. I am not sleeping. In the last 24 hours, I have had less than 1 hour of sleep. I am going to have to give in tonight and take the sleeping pills that the doctor gave me. I even tried to take a nap when Kennedy did this afternoon and all I could do was stare at the ceiling. Couldn't fall alseep for anything! It's killing me! If these sleeping pills do not help, I am going to have to come off the medications that I am using for the study I am in. ARG! Just talking about it makes me mad. I WANT TO SLEEP! And, on top of the sleeping issue, Kennedy and I are both sick. I have a bad sore throat and Kennedy's nose is running like a leaky facuet.

Okay...I've got some lists to make. Blog ya later!


Margie said...

Aidan had the same trouble with pull ups as well. I just quit using them for him. Made for some big messes though. Ainsley has been much easier to train. Today is the last test, if she stays dry though church today (2.5 hrs) I think we will be able to start panties full time tomorrow!

So sorry about the not sleeping, I have been there and it stinks. I will be saying some prayers for you my friend.

TracieClaiborne said...

You are probably going to be grossed out by this but when Caroline was that little, I carried a potty in my car with me in a trash bag. When she had to go, I would pull behind a business, like by a field and put it on the floor of the backseat or in the back of the SUV and she went in it. Then I would pour it out in the field, wash it out with a wipe, wash her with a wipe, wash me with a wipe and we'd be on our way. I just couldn't stand the thought of my baby's booty touching a public toilet! (Still can't actually.) It worked great and I wasn't scared to go out anymore. Before we'd go in a store, I'd you need to potty?