Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yeah Me!

Have you ever done something in your house and then just been so pleased with yourself? That's me today. Well...I actually did it on Monday. I cleaned my laundry room. Big deal you say? HA! It's a big deal for me! It's where clothes enter, but never leave. So...LONG ago, ('s been so long I can't remember when it was.) I saw some super cute Rubbermaid baskets on kellidarrsuperstar's blog. Loved them. Ran out and bought like 5 sets. I was DETERMINED to get my laundry room in order. Well, like most (umm...all) of my projects, I bought the stuff and just let it clutter up my house. So, now that we are back home, I have decided I've GOT to do something. I am living in a house full of clutter that would qualify me for Clean Sweep. (I wish they would come to my house.)

So...Monday I got the BUG. My entire house needs to be purged, but it is all so overwhelming that I start in one place and get so sidetracked that it never gets done. The laundry room is small, so I decided to tackle it. The first thing I did was clean the floor up. So much CRAP on the floor. Stuff that didn't even belong in there. I got all the clothes into two hampers. Then I cleaned off the dryer. Why do I stack stuff on there? Well, because it is easy and there isn't any place else to stack stuff in there. Then I tackled the monster. Monster=clothes. I don't know what my issue is about clothes. I've got LOTS of them and don't wear 1/4 of them. So, I went through and took out what I wanted to keep and folded what was going to Goodwill. Then I took the extra hanging rod out of the room. If it is there, I will use it. Then I tackled the shelf. Again...more crap just stacked. This is where my lovely baskets come in. My entire shelf is now BASKETIZED! It's awesome. The only clothes that are in there are the dirty ones in the hamper and a basket full of towels and sheets that need to be folded. I was so excited about how awesome it looked, I ran out Monday night and bought a new ironing board cover. Brian still needs to rehang my storage thingy that holds my ironing board and iron, but he needs to patch the wall where it pulled out a while ago (that means several years....) Then...I went BACK through the clothes that I said I was going to keep and decided all but one thing could go to GW. I was so freaking pleased with myself. I kept telling Brian to come look at it. Even Miss K thinks it's "pretty". She even helped me with the laundry yesterday. I usually don't let her in there because it is so cluttered. Now, she can go in there anytime she wants! No photos. I need to find my thingy to download my photos with. Then I will post of photo. Brian told me I should have taken a before photo. I know I should have, but honestly...I would be too embarassed to actually show it. In the end, I had two large trash bags of clothes for Goodwill, a half trashbag full of trash and one old broken hamper full of wire hangers.

Here is a question..... Do you clean your washer and dryer? I wiped the outside of everything off with my bleach/eater mixture, but what about the insides? I mean, I clean my lint trap on my dryer after every load, but nothing to the washer. Any suggestions?


Renee Graham said...

I run an empty load of bleach or vineagar. I heard baking powder/soda (forget which) is good too)

Gotta love a good purge! I made Dana come look in my linen closet when I redid it cuz I was so proud. Can't wait to see pics. Good for you! Make sure you make a list of your GW stuff for tax time.

Michelle said...

That sounds great! I have wanted to get the "bug" but so far it has not hit me.

Sara said...


I just gave a talk on home organization at my church tonight for our women's meeting...

I SOOO understand where you are coming from.

Check out She SAVED my life several years ago... amazing - she makes it all doable!

As for the washer... I dunno... I figure it's got soap in it all the time :0) I just wipe stuff down now and again.

Angel said...

Hi Hollye. I too love a good room tackle. Few things are more satisfying than regaining control on an area of your house that has been overlooked by you and overtaken by chaos. Anyways, I clean the inside of my washer with vinegar and water-- around the places where it says to put "liquid fabric softener" and "chlorine bleach"-- for some reason mine always end up gunky and gross after a few (hundred) loads.

Chelle said...

Way to go! I know how you feel! Maybe this will be the motivation I need to conquer some of my hot spots.

I too use vinegar to clean the insides of washer and dryer. I run an empty load in the washer with a cup of vinegar. Then I use equal parts water and vinegar and spray the inside of the dryer.