Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another vacation

We are getting ready to go on another vacation. To the beach...again. We are going to Destin this time. We looked for a place to stay for a long time. We needed a pool that had a zero entry for Miss K. We finally found one that was actually available. And, it was an awesome price. Most of the stuff we saw was like $1200 a week. We got ours for almost half that. Can't wait!

On another husband could use some prayers if you think about it. Just some stuff at work. Nothing bad at all...just some possibilities that we didn't think would happen right away couple possibly be happening a lot sooner. It's a little stressful for me. is a BEAUITFUL day out. I am running to take my BAD dogs to the groomers and then K and I are going to hit the park for a bit. I have a photography asssignment for my class, so I want to try and get that done today. So, maybe I will have some photos to share tomorrow!

Blog ya later!


TracieClaiborne said...

I had been checking your blog and nothing and now I check it and you've posted four times!! LOL

I'm excited about your photography class. Maybe you can learn and then show me. heehee

I LOVE that Halloween costume!!!! I'm going to get CC's this week, hopefully. She wants to be a black cat to match her American Girl that she's carrying. We got her a black cat costume. I love Halloween! Isn't it starting to feel like Fall?

Margie said...

Sometimes I can't leave comments. I think the problem is on my end. This thing kind of gets into a loop sometimes and I can't get out of it. Something here so no worries.