Friday, September 07, 2007

Halloween Costume, new cars? and a photography class

So, I bought Miss K a Halloween costume this summer. She likes JoJo Circus and I found the costume on the Disney website, so I bought it. One problem...she won't wear the hat part and that is where the hair is. So, it looks goofy without the hat. I went in search of some cute costumes. I did great her first two years, so I wanted something just as cute as the flower and the Heffalump. I found a monkey, but I wasn't in love with it. Then I found this cutie costume from Gymboree. (You know how much I LOVE Gymboree!) It's called Sweet Pumpkin Pie. I put the head piece on her at the store and she smiled and said, "I'm so pretty Mommy!" She thinks the shoes are a hoot too. when I picked Brian up from his doctor's appointment (the Bob Barker treatment, Renee!) we drive by the Saturn dealership and he makes a comment on the new Saturn Vue. Then he surprises me and says that he is looking at trading BOTH of our current cars in and getting us both something new. I am perfectly happy with my Trailblazer, but he pointed out that it is our "family car", the one we use the majority of the time and it no longer has a warranty. We haven't made any kind of decision and probably won't until the end of the year. Maybe there were will some better rebates out by then.
I finally did something I've wanted to do for a long time. I signed up for a photography class. It is every Monday from 6-9. I am really looking forward to it. One of my friends is also taking the class. I am so looking forward to learning more about my camera.
Okay...gotta run. Blog ya later!


{jennie} said...

Adorable costume! Can't wait to see pictures of her in it on Halloween!
Hope all is well back at home!

Renee Graham said...

She is gonna look adorable. I'm so lame about costumes.
Page wants to be a witch fairy. Any ideas on that one?

Jennifer Fleming said...

where are the classes and how much?

doris said...

omg . . . that is the sweetest halloween costume EVER! :D