Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another word

I was sitting on the sofa knitting a scarf for my mom and I hear Miss K saying something. I look up and she is walking across the room carrying a ball in each hand say..."booooooooooooooow". I started giggling because it sounded so funny. About 5 minutes later she was playing with something else and I asked her to bring me a ball. She ran over and grabbed one of them and brought me a "booooooooooooow"

Then, later that afternoon, I went to put some towels up that I had folded. I came back to this.... I have no idea how she got in there. I know that she couldn't get out. What you can't see is that her monkey, Carmen, is also in with her. Speaking of Carmen, we had bedtime without her last night. I was drawing Miss K's bath water. She had followed me in there. I turned around just in time to see her dunking Carmen. I asked her if she was giving Carmen a bath. She laughed dunked her again.

Today has been a strange day. She is sick still. But, she dragged her rocking chair into the middle of the living room, climbed up into it with her milk and watched Handy Manny for 15 minutes straight.

Okay...I am off to put Miss K down for her morning nap. Mommy is getting a morning nap today as well. I think I am coming down with whatever she has. Lots of fun.

Have an awesome day.

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Amanda said...

Cute picture! Love the "booooow" sweet! Hope we remember those moments forever.
Grayson has been super sick. 104.5 fever Sunday morning and luckily his pediatrician is open on Sunday. Got a antibiotic...negative strep test..but still got some medicine. I am dead tired too. Hope I don't get what he has...but most of all hope Grant doesn't get it.