Sunday, February 19, 2006

Let me just say.....

I hate snow. I always have. I've been skiing one time in my life and I hated it. So, I was NOT one bit please when I woke up Saturday morning to snow everywhere and steadily coming down. I was afraid that it was going to interfere with my trip to my 'happy place', Scrap It!

So, this morning when I woke up, I was glad to see that no more snow had fallen. My neighbor called to invite my mom to go sledding with them. She just moved here from Texas and hasn't really been in snow. So, I took her down to the hill in our neighborhood to meet up with our friends so she could sled. I wanted to get some pictures of her sledding. Well, my friends were giving me a hard time about not sledding, so I finally threw my hands up and said I would do it. IT ROCKED! I got wet, but I didn't care. I was having a blast. I went back home to get Brian so he could go down there and sled. He laughed at me because he grew up in Michigan and they use to sled all the time in REAL snow. But, we bundled Miss K up in about 4 layers of clothes, a mommy size scarf and a blanket and took her down there. She didn't smile the entire time she was out there. But Brian did take her down the hill once, but she wasn't impressed. Might be more fun next year when she is older!

I did get to go to my happy place on Saturday. It was the first time I've been to Scrap It's! super crop. I had a great time. I finished a kit that I bought like a year ago that never got done. I completed a class that Ms. Tracie Claiborne taught last month, but I had to leave early because of SNOW and then I started on my Lisa Bearson "All About Me" kit that I bought on QVC. It's a great kit and I told myself that I HAD to have this album completed before the second one arrived. I also got a chance to take Ms. Tracie's Layout Take out while I was there. I even had a cute photo of Miss K and I was able to complete the layout right then and there! I "borrowed" this photo from Ms. Tracie's blog. She rocks, so I don't think she will mind! As soon as I figure all this blog stuff out, I will put a link to her blog on my blog.


Jann said...

You were clearly MUCH more productive than I was at our "happy place" on Saturday...but I had ever so much fun none the less. I enjoyed talking with you a bit...I think you are cool. And here is my list of wishes for you....

1. Happy Birthday
2. That you get your "kits" caught up.
3. That the crown on your tooth gets "fitted" correctly -- because the invisible crown on your beautiful head looks lovely on you!

Have a great day!


{change in plans} said...

Great LO Hollye!
Love the picture of Brian and Miss K.

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh how fun!!!! I wish I could go sledding. I never have in my life. I don't have a sled and don't know anyone who does. I also don't own a hill. ha!

Of course you can steal, er, I mean, borrow that pic from my blog. It's you!!

So I told you wrong. I didn't know you meant that kinda link. Tell me who all you want to link, your blogger user name and password and I'll add them all. Seriously. I'll hook you up. :)

Scrap It! said...

Great to have you here on Saturday!I do hope you can come to more super crops.
You are fun to have around!
I just remembered I get to see you again this Saturday - and Miss K too.
Can't wait!