Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am in total awe

So, Miss K had a play date on Tuesday with some of her "peeps" that we've met through Gymboree, MOPS and the MeetUp group. So, we pack up and head over to Miss L's house. (I don't want to list anyone's names without their permission and I don't think any of them even know I have a blog.) I knew that her house was going to be nice, but I don't think I was prepared for what I saw. Let's just say that Miss L's mommy has AWESOME taste. Her house looks like a model home. You would swear that the entire thing was decorated by a professional. Nope, Miss L's mommy did it all on her own. I've never seen anything like it before. Every single room was done. Even the laundry room was all organized. I am going to die of TOTAL embarassment when she comes to my house. I am sure my face was so green while I was there. Green with ENVY. I want so much to live in a house like that. But, I will admit it. I am a HUGE slob. I HATE to clean. I was born without the cleaning gene. I think I got an extra shopping gene instead. Well, the dirt and clutter stops here. I AM GOING TO LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THAT. Clean and organzied and decorated and comfy. That's what I want. I've even asked Miss L's Mommy to help me. (Not with the cleaning. Although, I DO need some SERIOUS intervention on the cleaning front. I am the perfect candidate for Clean Sweep.) I sent Miss L's Mommy my first list of questions that I had for her. She will laugh at all the goofy questions I have for her. But I will be honest, I have no sense of style when it comes to decorating anything! I get these ideas and then I buy half the stuff and then it never gets done. I start on one project and then never finish it. I'ma changin' my ways! Stay tuned for updates on how my "progress" goes! I am vowing not to start this project and then not finish it!!!


Jann said...

Ok...this sounds VERY fun. Not so much the cleaning part -- but the decorating part. When it is done, you will find that you just walk from room to room in silence...with an inner voice saying, "this is!"

Do you know what style you want? I have found (going the opposite direction) that the type of scrapbooking paper I am immediately drawn to is very reflective of the color scheme and style of my house....just a thought. I would love to see the results...not that I am inviting myself over or anything! *smile*

Are you going to the crop tomorrow night? Hope to see you friend.

P.S. I think you are really wise to refer to the children by much as I love this technology -- it is scary how easily someone who means harm can get to information...

Scrap It! said...

Too funny Hollye!
I was born with a partial cleaning gene.
I think about it a lot.
Luckily I have a husband who does more than his fair share of cleaning.
What a blessing!
I have a BIG shopping gene.
I am thinking of doing a room all in Basic Grey paper.
What do you think?!