Sunday, August 16, 2009


Finally. We finally have picked out a color and are getting ready to paint. We will be painting pretty much every room in the house with the exception of K's room and bathroom, the downstairs powder room and the dining room. Everything else will need to be painted. We are working at getting our house in order and will be purging a LOT of stuff from our house.

We decided to start with the bathroom. We went this morning to Home Depot and bought paint, new mouldings and a few other things. One thing that we need to do is replace our light fixture in there. With Brian's job, we are not sure what is going on, so we don't want to put a lot of money into our house right now. So, we are just going to replace it with the same thing that is there right now....the cheap one the builder originally put it.

Our goal by the end of this week is to have our bathroom completed...that includes having all the goodies I bought for the bathroom at Hobby Lobby hung up. Cute, cute stuff! The other goal is to have my closet organized. I keep getting sidetracked, but my husband has "a plan" and that includes having my closet a.k.a "the black hole" cleaned and organized.

No photos tonight, but I will take some before and after photos. Although, I did NOT take any photos of my bathroom before I cleaned the mess out of there. It was a nightmare. So much crap. And I cleaned out the medicine box too. I threw out probably $500 worth of medication. (Well, that's what it would have cost without insurance.) There were some pain pills in there that were pretty expensive. Speaking of expensive...I've got to get a root canal. On the same tooth I had a crown replaced on. The same tooth that the other dentist said needed a root canal, but my new dentist disagreed and replaced the crown instead. Can I just tell you....I'm irritated about the whole thing?

Okay...I'm out of here. I am working again tomorrow. I worked 4 days last week and on the 4th day K informed me that she had been at school too much this week. She's going to be in for a shock when she starts kindergarten next year! I am hoping that the MDO program will get the enrollment up for Monday/Wednesday so that I will be working 4 days a week in the fall. I've been saving all of my paychecks for Disney spending money.

Okay....this post is all over the place. I'm going to bed....

blog ya later.

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